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Mugman's Quit While You're Ahead: Blue Raspberry Habanero Sauce

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Mugman's Quit While You're Ahead: Blue Raspberry Habanero Sauce

Pairing : Pizza, Fish Tacos , Donuts, Tuna Fish Sandwich

The Cuphead Show and Jade City Foods have teamed up to deliver some delicious hot sauce and coffee! There are a wide range of heat levels represented by the Cuphead Show Hot Sauce from the low end of a 4, Elder Kettle's Cozy Cottage (Smoked Jalapeno) all the way to a 10, The Devil's Soul Collector (Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Maruga Scorpion, Ghost Pepper.) Everyone's favorite characters have their own sauce Cuphead, Mugman, Elder Kettle, Ms. Chalice, King Dice, and The Devil.